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  • We at Comms Business are always looking for new ways to enhance our magazine for our readers and advertisers. The Trigg-AR App allows us to do this with their cutting edge technology that brings print to life. Working with the Trigg-AR team has been great and I would recommend working with them to other agencies and publishers

    Miles Bossom, Managing Director, Comms Business

Our Mission

Making the world a better place by bridging the digital divide – bringing print and digital together.
Many people have felt for ages that print is on its way out and that digital content is the driver for the future. The Trigg-AR team believe in something different however. We believe that the world is ready to experience a combination of the two. A world where print and digital interact together for the benefit of advertisers and consumers. We want to help publishers and advertiser take advantage of the soaring demand of online consumption by helping them define new ways of engaging with their customers and interacting with them.

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